The Bee Tree by Kenneth Fenter
a novel of friendship and self-discovery

Just before the year anniversary of Cliff's going into hiding in the cliff dwelling, he confronts his bully Hector. After a year of building his strength, feeling of independence, and self-esteem, he is able to overcome his fear and defeat his tormentor. Afterward Hector comes to him and admits why the animosity to his classmate. The two of the them begin working to build a friendship.

Cliff also remembers that before running to the cave he had promised to teach a neighbor how to find bee trees the the surrounding forest of cedar and piƱon pine. He contacts Angelina Martinez to see if she is still interested. He is unaware that she is being stalked by another neighbor, an escape from the State Mental Hospital at Pueblo. He is a recently returned veteran of the Korean War.

The young veteran has spotted her in tending the water in the alfalfa and in a flashback believes her a Korean in a rice paddy. In his mind it is his job to do surveillance on the enemy.

In order to protect his new friend Angelina, Cliff must use his newfound skills and courage, learned over his year in solitude. Will he stand the test?

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