Incessant Expectations
by Kenneth Fenter

Twenty-two year old Jim Howard has resigned himself to working on the family farm for no wages other than the food on table and the clothes on his back until he can finish his degree in fine arts a few credits at a time in the winter and spring.

His crops are started in early June and as he pauses after his morning irrigation duties are done, he dreams of warm Pacific Ocean beaches. He has a vivid dream of fishing and having a beautiful blond wife. When he pauses for the noon meal he tells his mother he can never afford a wife because he can't even afford to court a girl.

Before the day is over he learns that the bank is forcing his father to sell the family farm and suddenly the only world he has known for his entire life will be turned upside down.

By the end of the month Jim is standing on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. He has a contact who can teach him how to fish. He has met a woman who fits the description of the blond woman in the dream.

For the first time in his life, Jim Howard will earn a pay check and his prospects begin to look different.

Jim finds that he has much to learn about women as fishing!

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