"Pee Up A Tree: A Mental Health Memoir

Authentically Jim Henson": Jane Kirkpatrick

Pee up a Tree is authentically Jim Henson -- my former boss. It's inventive, irreverent and therapeutically wise. The characters of Jim's early life in rural community mental health in Oregon are singular and memorable; the trials and triumphs worthy of cheering. This is one man's journey of service through parenting, teaching and healing, acts the world needs more of. Enjoy! Jane Kirkpatrick, bestselling award-winning author of Homestead:Modern Pioneers Pursuing the Edge of Possibility


I finished reading your book. What a pleasure! I'm glad you wrote it, I'm glad I had a chance to read it, and I hope a whole lot of other people read it too. It is a terrific look at what community mental health is all about, and what a talented practitioner does in such a setting.

I'm tremendously impressed by two-no, three traits that suffuse the book: your cheerful self-confidence, your remarkable sense of curiosity, and your intuitive gift for saying the right thing to people in crisis. I guess I'm only one in a long line of folks who think you're really good at what you do. Ron Moline, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist


There are some wonderful personalities in that book and so many wonderful stories. You brought them all to life.

It reminded me again what a gifted therapist you are: that lightening quick perceptiveness and ability to hone in on the essence of someone or a situation, and to articulate it with warmth and gentle humor. I envy that.

Will there be a sequel? I hope so, and look forward to reading it. Barbara Moline, LCSW, Oak Park, Illinois


I loved the Book!!!

I'm glad I talked to you when I was part way though your wonderful memoir "The Early Years". As I said, the book made me feel as if you were present, the Jim I know and love, the constant in my life for over 12 years! Wow...

A client






I actually purchased your new book  from Amazon and just finished it last week. Fun... real fun. Classic Jim Henson. It was like we were sitting around the campsite just shootin the breeze. I could "hear" you all the way through. One burning question... What ever happened to Karl?

Warren Urda, Anchorage, DDS, AK


I finally got down the stack to Pee Up a Tree this week. WOW! You are quite a story teller. Your love for your work and the people surrounding it came alive on the pages. I particularly enjoyed reading about how you dealt with your parents. They were always my favorite Aunt and Uncle, and characters both.

Mel, retired tycoon, Lincoln, California


Pee Up A Tree, an honest to goodness "I can't put it down" book. Jim Henson, as he was in practice, as he is in his writing, and in person-a man of wit, warmth and wisdom!  Ruth Anne, mother of 66 children who ought to know a thing or two by now.